Today’s topic is having a self care plan including tips on how to take care of yourself. I know it’s hard as a mom to take care of ourself when we have kids to tend to and take care or.

My Self Care Story

I was the worst one when it came to self care. I still have to remind myself..but when I do take that time and nurture myself…everything is better. My mood, my outlook and mindset…my relationships everything.

Being a mom it’s easy to constantly worry and be stressed out and exhausted.

We can sometimes get so overwhelmed and give so much that we forget about ourselves.


It’s time to date yourself.

It’s time to reignite yourself.

Self Care Isn’t Selfish.




Meaning of Self Care

Scary we don’t know what that term means and often we don’t know what to do to take care of ourselves.

Treating your inner child

You can’t give what you don’t have…so it’s your job to keep your cup full…to keep your inner you full. Don’t be afraid….don’t be afraid of what people will think or if people will think you are being selfish. Selfish isn’t the same as self care. In order to take care of others you need to take care of you first.



HOW To Do A Self Care Plan:


Self Care and Nurturing yourself will be and can be different for everyone. It’s what makes you happy.

You can ask yourself each day…what can I do to make ME happy. It can be super small. Maybe it’s ….


SO here are 10 Self Care Tips You Can Do Starting Today…to take care of yourself.


  1. Schedule Time For You/create a ritual of joy
  2. Have a Self Care Plan
  3. Eat Healthy/ Take care of your body
  4. Have a Compliments File/ Accomplishments List
  5. Get More Sleep
  6. Do something you’ve been talking about doing for awhile now
  7. Get out of the House
  8. Make A Cozy Surrounding No Matter Where You Are/Happy Surroundings
  9. get rid of the bad eggs in your life
  10. Take a break/Take a Holiday
  11. Create a Morning/Evening Ritual



By taking care of ourselves… (What this does )

What happens when we don;t: We feel out of alignment with who we are, we can feel burned out, we are less fulfilled and feel like something is missing. Often times we can be angry.



Action Steps: Think about what you can do right now to start taking care of yourself. Write them   down and put them up somewhere where you can see it. Start implementing them. Come back on here and comment on what shifted for you or how you felt. I’d love to hear.

Having A Self Care Plan


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