What Is Body Shaming?

So What exactly is Body Shaming? Body Shaming is when someone puts another person down and how they look….whether they are overweight or skinny or anything about their body in a negative way.

We’ve all seen body shaming and fat shaming in one form or another and most likely have experienced ourselves. But THIS article is all about body shaming ourselves. We do it more than we realize and it can be preventing you from losing weight and being happy with yourself and your body.

What Are Your Thoughts or Words You Say To YourSelf?

Have you ever said….uggh? My butt is so big, my stomach is so gross, I can’t lose weight, I hate my stretch marks, I hate looking in the mirror, I hate how I look naked, my legs are huge? Or something like it?

Welcome to the body shaming and fat shaming world. I’ve been there too. While I occasionally catch myself even now shaming myself, it’s definitely been an issue in my past. It’s even prevented me from losing any weight at all for a full 2 months.

Our minds are a powerful thing. I was constantly telling myself how fat I am and that I’m not losing weight or I’ll never get down…so I got more of that.

Flip the Switch

When you flip the switch and stop making those negative comments to yourself and start finding the good in you (even if it’s the little things at first)…you’ll find you’re happier about yourself and good things start happening.

Here are 6 steps to stop putting yourself down.

#1 Start Paying Attention To What We Say to Ourselves.
It starts with awareness. Notice throughout the day what are your thoughts about yourself when you look in the mirror, when you come out of the shower etc. Notice, don’t judge.

Trick to help stop the thoughts….. Take and Elastic band -snap it when you catch yourself fat shaming or body shaming and immediately change the thought. The secret is to catch yourself in the behavior and immediately choose something else.

#2 Write What We Say To Ourselves Down
Grab a piece of paper or journal…and jot what you’re saying or thinking to yourself. Notice, don’t judge.

Don’t put yourself down for putting yourself down.

#3 Replace that Word with Something Positive.

For example. If you say “I look fat”. You can replace it with “I lose weight quickly and easily”.

#4 Practice the Replacer.
This might take some time…and may even feel a little weird or like it’s bs. But over time, you’ll start to feel it and then believe it.

#5 Accept Compliments and Don’t Deflect Them.
You deserve the compliment…say thank you and appreciate and be grateful for it.
#6 Confidence Comes From Action.

Implement these steps. As you stop the negative comments, you will start to feel better about yourself. Little by little you will feel better.
#7 Give a Compliment

While I mentioned it’s important to accept compliments. Try giving them 🙂 It makes you feel good and we all need to flip the way women treat other women.

Watch my video on body shaming and fat shaming here.

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